Monday, January 13, 2014

Project to share . . .

I am on my way to the dentist (ewwwww!!!!) and quickly wanted to share a project I have been working on this weekend!  If you are anything like me, then you will have a draw, or book, or box or a anything stuffed full of recipes that you have either ripped out of a magazine, printed from Pinterest or was so lovingly shared by a sister, mother, grandmother or friend.  If this sounds like you, then keep on reading . . .

I have use an old cookie tin that will from now on stand on my kitchen counter, storing all the recipes I am gathering (and never trying!!) and keeping.

You will need:
 C62 001 X 1
C62 004 X 1
DC62 002
DC47 019
Paint/Ink/Embossing powder
Cut C62 001 to fit the outside bottom part of your tin.  You will need to cut strips of paper to the correct side and glue them together to get the length you require.
Using strong glue, apply strip of paper to your tin.
Cut C62 004 to fit the top of your tin.  Ink your edges and glue to your lid of your tin.
Use a needle and thread and plead your ribbon.  Apply to the middle.
Add a ribbon bow to the right-hand side, and place a flower, or other embellishment, over the bow.  Make sure your ribbon is still visible under the flower/embellishment. 
Apply embossing powder to DC47 019 and 3 pieces of DC62 002.
Make small holes in the 3 small spoons and thread with ribbon.  Add to the flower.

Add DC47 019 to the top of the tin.

Here are a closer look at some of the details . . .

I have also added recipe cards to the tin.  They can be used to share your own recipes with a someone or if your tear a recipe from a magazine, you can just glue it down on a card.

Off to the dentist I go . . . Wish me luck!!

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