Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Diva - Layout share

So the New Year has just started and here is my first layout . . . Bring on 2014!!  Let's take a look at what I created . . .

Little Diva
You will need:
C58 008 X 1
C58 001 X 1
DC58 008
DC58 002 – we will only use the scissors and ribbon spool
MC58 007 AND MC58 008
MC58 006 – we will use the shape as a mask
Craft cardstock
Pink doily
Texture paste
Cut down your craft cardstock to a 11” square.  Ink your edges and glue down on your C58 008 base.
Cut C58 001 down to a 10.75” square.  Ink your edges and glue down on your craft cardstock.
Use MC58 006 as a mask and using texture paste apply to the left hand side of C58 001. 
Mist and let to dry completely.
Using paint/ink/embossing powder  and apply to the scissors and ribbon spool from DC 58 002 and leave to dry. 
Using DC58 008 (Domestic Diva Title) and cut ‘DIVA’ from the chipboard. 
Apply embossing powder to your title.
Place doily to slightly overlap the masked area.
Using ribbon and lace and layer it on your page. 
Place your photo slightly above the layered lace and ribbon. 
Add more ribbon.
Add the ribbon spool and scissors to the left of your photo, slightly overlapping.
Add MC58 007 and MC58 008 to the top of your page.
Glue down your title and add some stamps to add dimension.

Here are a few close-up's . . 

It's still hard for me to believe that this "little girl" is 21 years old and a wife and mother already!  And I am missing them so, so much right now!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

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