Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LIEBSTER AWARD(s) for my little blog!!!

I'm so humbled and honored to be given the LIEBSTER AWARD by not one BUT two of my fellow scrappers!

First Katy from, and then one of the nicest ladies I know on our Let's Scrap DT group, Beth from awarded my little blog the Liebster Award.  Here is a little bit more about this blog award!!

The origins of the Liebster Blog Award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that they originated in Germany.  Liebster, meaning favorite or dearest to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  Upon accepting this award, the recipient must then pass it on to 5 more blogs!

So here goes . . . Blogs that I love to visit because the ladies inspire me!!

Karien from
She's been nick-named the "Queen of Cards" over at Let's Scrap!!  She doesn't just make cards, she make pieces of art!!!!

Amy from
Amy's work is just so full of color and life!!  It always look as if she only 5 minutes to create the most beautiful layout!!  I love her style!!!!

Alma from
The sweetest and nicest lady with a wonderful flair for scrappin'!  You have to see her 2-pagers . . . STUNNING!!!

Michelle from
Mich knows how to live life to the fullest . . . and her layouts reflect that!!  Vibrant, funky and fun!!!!

Elizabeth from
This lady inspires me on so many levels!!  Her blog posts are full of what she feels and believes.  She has the ability to put into words what I feel!!

Please take a moment to visit these inspirational woman and there blogs!!  Thanks again to Kate & Beth for making me feel special today!!

Blessing to you all!!

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