Saturday, August 20, 2011

SEM Praise Post on Friday's!

This week it's my turn to do the Praise Post over @ Scrapping Everyday Miracles! I love to do these post because it really make me look at my life and what is important to me! This week I just knew what I wanted to give Praise about!! I would love to share my post here as well . . . Here goes . . .

"Good morning . . . Roulien here this morning to share some praise with you! I want to continue on the same theme as our Challenge #6 which is all about friends/friendships that go the distance!

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. (Proverbs 17:17)

Very recently I've received some news that really rocked me to my core! I was left feeling very angry, hurt and so terribly dissapointed! But in this time God showed me what wonderful friends he has blessed me with! Yes, true friends are a blessing! True friends are God's love in action! One incident between myself & my friends will forever be with me! The 3 of us were standing in Mari's kitchen busy making tea, I just told Mari what has happend in my life and how it made me feel! I was trying really hard to be composed, but Mari started crying which set me off and then Hydie joint us in the waterworks! Here were are . . . standing in the kitchen . . . crying and comforting each other all at once! Even though we were crying I could FEEL the love from these woman! No judgement . . . just love and acceptance! I knew that the sorrow they felt on my behalf was genuine and real!! God used this picture of the three of us to show me His love . . . showing me that even in this painful time in my life He is there for me through this wonderful ladies!!

Friendship is a blessing . . .
Friendship is everlasting . . .
Friendship is courage . . .

And I thank God for having such friends in my life! Here is a photo of the three of us from the page of the little mini album I've made to celebrate the wonderful friendships in my life. I feel so blessed and grateful to have this ladies in my life!

We would love for you to celebrate your friends/friendship with us here! Tell us about the friends in you life that means the world to you!
Have a wonderful day!!"

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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