Sunday, August 7, 2011

My life & how I want to live it!!

I'm a great fan of reading blogs! There is so many wonderful and talented ladies out there who are truly awesome bloggers! One of my favorite blogs to visit is Stephanie's! Stephanie is this amazing woman ~ army wife, mother of 4 girlies ~ including twins, ~ awesome blogger and scrapbooker . . . just to name some of her talents. Stephanie has a way of putting into words what I feel. A few weeks ago Stephanie shared some of her favorite links and this one by Emily Ley just resonated within my heart!!!!

My "One Little Word" for 2011 is GRACE . . . and what Emily wrote is just so true! We should not strive for perfection because then we are setting ourself up for failure and dissapointment . . . but grace . . . that's how I want to live my life! To handle life's difficult situations (and people) with grace! Emily created this beautiful banner which can be downloaded from her blog.

Feel free to share this, but please leave Emily some love on her blog and tell her what this means to you!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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