Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday's Praise Post @ Scrapping Everyday Miracles!

It's my turn to host the Friday Praise Post at Scrapping Everyday Miracles and I thought I'd share it here with all of you as well!

"Hallo everyone . . . It's Roulien here with this weeks Praise Post!

Many of you know that my family lives in Saudi Arabia . . . and it's not an easy place to be! Right now it's HOT . . . temperatures of well over 120 for weeks on end and with a heat wave warning that has been issued for the week to come! To say I'm thankful for the airconditioning in our home is an understatement!!!!

But what I'm the most grateful for right at this moment, is for a wonderful group of woman that has graciously invited me to have biblestudy with them once a week. And once a month we have communion together . . . What a blessing to have in my life!!! To live in Saudi, where the Muslims are having prayer 6 times a day, and "normal" live as we know it, comes to a standstill with those prayer times, can be very overwhelming! Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) are not accepted or tolerated here.

To find this group ladies, really makes it easier for me to be here. It's like going to church . . . just on a smaller scale! When I walk away after having communion, I feel like I can do anything!! It's such a blessing to have these woman who share my believes and faith in my live! And I'm so grateful that God has brought them to me in a time when I really needed the fellowship!!

Here is a photo of the lady who stared it all at the first communion we had together!!! She is such an inspiration to me!

And the communion table that she has prepared for us!

Please pray with us that more woman will join our little group to sing His praise! And please keep all the wonderful people who do missionary work in countries where it's dangerous to do so, in your thoughts and prayer!!! It realy is not easy or save to do so for them or their families!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed weekend!!"

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