Friday, May 27, 2011

This beautiful woman . . .

makes me soooo proud to be her mama!!! Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!

I snapped these photos of Monique on Thursday night, right before she left for her shool's prom night . . . and she took my breath away!!

I wanted to lock her in her room and NEVER to let her out of the house again!

And then there is this little cutie . . .

who were having his 2nd birthday party! Isn't he the most adorable & sweetest little one! And what a fun birthday party it was . . . even the aduls had fun!

This is me, Hydie to the left and the birthday boy's mommy, Mari at the right, cooling of in the kiddies pool! This is the desert people . . . its HOT!!
These two ladies are treasures to me here in Saudi . . . my life would be empty without them!

Be back soon with details of the Scrapping Everyday Miracles blog hop that will start Wednesday!

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