Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy (not so new) New Year!!!

First of all, Happy 2011 everyone!!! I know it's already the 10th of January, but we've only got home on Saturday, very late & very tired! Spending 23 hours in airports & on airplanes are NO FUN AT ALL!!! Then I had to sort out the suitcases and the laundry, do a grocery run and get the kids ready for school. Busy, busy, busy!

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful time with family & friends over the holidays. I sure did!! Spending time with H and my sisters definitly helped to recharge my batteries!! I'm already missing the wonderful South African weather since we landed in a snow covered & very cold Seoul!

Did any of you make new years resolutions?? I don't make them, but by the end of last year I read this article on Ali Edward's blog, and decided to choose a word that would inspire me in living my life as a better example for my children and myself.

I knew instantly when I saw the word, that this would be the one for 2011!! But I had a hard time explaining it in my own words. So yesterday while I was reading some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled on this over at Stephanie Howell's blog!

do it all with word of 2011.

"I resolve to handle pressure with grace.
To weather this year’s deployments with grace
and with a smile on my face. To model grace to my girls.

Grace is moral strength. Elegance. Kindness.
Gods grace is the influence or spirit of
God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them.

I may have not been blessed with physical grace,
but I sure can choose to exhibit it in my character.

This year I will be kind.
I will say thank you and look people in the eye.
I will smile at others when they cross my paths.
I will not let the fact that I am having a bad day change the way I treat people.

Happiness is my responsibility."

Everything I was thinking and feeling, Stephanie put into words!! She is such a brilliant blogger, if you are not a reader, I strongly suggest that you check out this girls blog! She is a true inspiration to me!!

My resolve for 2011 is to live with GRACE! And I know that by God's Grace, everything is possible!

Some very exciting scapbooking news from Let's Scrap is the start of THIS:

It's a blog hop all about new years resolutions!! This is going to be so much fun, I really can't wait for it to start on Friday! I'll be hosting one of the fun challenges here on my blog with a gorgeous little RAK to give away!! I really, really, really hope you'll join us!! I know everyone is stress for time at the beginning of a new year, but for this blog hop you'll have a whole month to do the challenges!! Loads of time to finish AND to stand a change to win a wonderful GRAND PRIZE at the end!!

I'll be back tomorrow with some of the December 2010 Let's Scrap sketches and my layouts!!

See you tomorrow . . . Happy Monday!!


  1. Hi Friend ~ glad you are back safe and sound!! Hope you had an amazing time with DH and family. Hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!! God Bless.

  2. I'm glad you back I've missed you. Strange that you are talking about picking a word to inspire you for the rest of the year. I was just asked yesterday to pick a word and I decided on Happiness. I hope to share happiness with others and gain happiness for myself. I've already been on the gaining side of it - I have two grandbabys to be born this year and I've been asked to help run Let's Scrap. Definitely things that make me happy.