Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This weeks Let's Scrap sketch!

Cheri has just posted this weeks sketch at Let's Scrap, and it's a YuMmY one!! Sadly my term as DT member is over, but I'm staying on as contributing DT ~ YEAH!!! So this will also be the time to check out the new DT members take on the sketch. With no further ado, here's that yummy sketch.

I'm still working on the many, many pictures we've taken on our Italy vacation, and I thought this sketch would work beautifully for the pics of the old castle. But I wanted to add more pics than just the ones on the sketch. Cheri has this great tutorial on how to add a fold-out page to your layout which allow you extra space for pics, and that what I did. You can check out the tutorial on the fold-out technique here.
Here is my layout of Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy.

My layout

Left page ~ I love how it turned out!

Right page

Right page with the fold-out which add 6 extra pictures to my layout!

A close-up of the little booklet with the history of the castle.

I love this gorgeous wooden buttons I found at a local korean craft store!

I didn't do much more scrapbooking this week since I'm trying to spent as much time with H before he's leaving on Saturday. He's going on a business trip for a loooooooonnnnggg time. We'll meet up in South Africa in December and then we'll only see one another again in March/April 2011!! Lots of detail still need to be sorted before Saturday. The upside of this is that I will have loads of scrappin' time once he's left. Scrapping will be like therapy to keep me from missing my hubby to much!!

Because of H leaving, we had some wonderful family time this weekend. We went to a local ice gallery, and oh boy, was that fun!! Cold but fun!

Fun on the slide!

Inside the igloo.

Monique bundled up against the cold!

Holding up the Tower of Pissa.

A daddy/daughter pose.

Hard at work to create our own masterpieces!

And we have a "winner"!!

From the ice gallery we went to Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower sits on Namsan mountain and is surrounded by a beautiful park. We opted to take the cable car up the mountain, instead of walking.

Waiting in line for our ride up the mountain.

Beautiful view over the Han river from the observation deck.

Looking over Seoul ~ just beautiful!

Being silly!

Namsan Tower.

On our way down!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Roulien, your page is amazing. Love the way you have fitted all the pics in and the story. Poor you, it is lousy for hubby to be away. I lived like that for two years ~ we'll be here for moral support Heehee!!!!

  2. I always love your layout Roulien but I think this one is one of my favorites. I love the colors, the great pictures and all the journalling great job.
    It must be hard to have moved to a new city/country and then have your husband have to go away for so long. No worries we well keep you really busy scrapping.

  3. What a gorgeous 2-pager! I love how interactive it is. Do you cut the page protector to access the booklet and the foldout, or do you take the whole thing out to open it out?

    My DH used to work away for months at a time too. Just as you get used to them being away, they come back and disrupt everything again LOL! {hugs}
    Rosey x