Monday, November 8, 2010

Appreciating the beauty of FALL!!

It's an explosion of reds, yellows and oranges when you look out of our apartment windows!! And it's gorgeous!! Where we lived in South Africa, when fall arrived the leaves turned brown, and that was it! Now we are blessed to experience this wonderful colours all around us! The children and I went to Yeouido Park yesterday and took same pics of the beauty all around us! Let me share a few pics with you! This is what Yeoudo Park looked like in summertime from my windows.

And this is what the park looks like today!

Isn't is spectacular???? I can't get enough looking at it!! Here is a few pics we took yesterday while walking in the park.

This is in the courtyard of the apartment complex where we live.


No scrapping goodies to share! I definitely want to do a few layouts today . . . can't wait to get started. I so want to do fall layouts with these photo's!

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead!!


  1. Aaaaaaaw. What beautiful colours. I miss the autumn {sigh}. How wonderful to get the same view but looking so different! Is it misty like that all year round?

    It hadn't even occurred to me that Seoul would have seasons - you're only 7 degrees further north than we are south in Perth WA, and ours aren't very defined.

    Thanks for the geography lesson!
    Rosey x

  2. WOW Roulien that is spectacular!!! How different from SA. I sense some beautiful pages being created. Have a great week.

  3. Isn't fall beautiful. I think it might be my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures and can't wait to see you layouts.