Monday, August 30, 2010

Monsoon season in Seoul

We've been having rain here in Seoul for the past 3 days.

On Sunday morning we decided to walk down to the Han river, which is about 800m from our apartment. Since it was still raining we took our umbrellas for a little stroll to the river. We were like children playing, laughing and walking in the rain!!

We were so surprised to see just how full the river was. Some of the walkways is already under water, the little pools where the children normally play is also full of water. It was scary to see how the always busy waterfront was very quiet.

Ruan slipped and fall in the water which obviously had us in stitches!!

And then we went to find something to warm to drink since we were all very wet!!

And some more fun on the way home!

Here is a picture of the current water level at the river.

The weather forecast for the next few days is for lots & lots of rain! I'll keep you posted!!
On the scrappy front I have nothing for you. I thought I would have some time to scrap, but my children invaded the dining room table, so no space for mommy to work on. Hopefully I'll have something scrappy for you tomorrow! Have a wonderful day and a blessed week!!

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  1. Amazing picture Roulien,and kind of scarey seeing all that water. I especially liked the two pictures that show you guys jumping and you haven't landed yet.